Decontaminate any space with ONEighty Solutions.

Decontaminate any space with ONEighty Solutions.

Eliminate dangerous contaminants and pathogens to protect your families health.

  • Water Extraction and Removal
  • Debris removal and disposal
  • Dehumidifying of the entire structure.
  • Equipment for any size water damage

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Water mitigation

Water Mitigation

After a water or sewage incident, it’s critical for your health and safety to completely dry your structure.  Dangerous contaminants can remain and spread if not dealt with properly. Our experts will let you know your options based on your situation and will help you create a plan to proceed. If you are dealing with water damage, call us today to decontaminate your structure.

Building Decontamination

Using a moisture meter to test a home.
Low levels of moisture might be hard to detect but cause expensive repairs.

Moisture Mapping

There are a number of steps required for the full decontamination of water damaged buildings. Our experts start with moisture mapping. This process identifies and assesses particularly wet locations inside the walls of a building and in all the materials within. By mapping the moisture, we can develop and efficient plan for the drying process by establishing the amount of water damage. If moisture mapping isn’t done correctly, mold and mildew will grow where you can’t see it, leaving you with contaminated air.

Structural Drying Process
ONEighty Solutions prevents mold and mildew after a water related incident by completely drying the building.

Structural Drying

After crafting a moisture map, our technicians use a structural drying process.  This completely reduces moisture to safe levels and prevents mold and mildew from spreading.

Using special drying equipment, the technicians are able to dry all structures quickly, saving you time and money.

Leading the Industry in Nano Technology!

Leading the Industry in Nano Technology!

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