Provide a Safe and Odor Free work space.

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  • Eradication of any odor
  • Vehicle recovery
  • Fire & smoke odor removal
  • Contents remediation on-list
  • Mold & mildew abatement
  • Whole building bio-sanitization
  • Bacteria & virus mitigation
  • Building restoration
  • MRSA, C-diff & Staph eradication
  • Allergen suppression

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Permanent Odor Removal. No Chemicals.

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Office and Retail

Eliminate subborn odors that affect your bottom line. Certified service technicians will take care of your odor issues, no matter how bad.

Hospitals and Medical

Safe and effective protection against airborne and surface viruses, bacteria & fungi.

Real Estate

ONEighty Solutions’ home odor removal technology is a rapid process that permanently and safely eliminates all odors.

Apartments and Hotels

Death, fire, or smoke can leave lingering odors that are hard to eliminate. We will remove all traces from the most terrible events.

Automotive Dealerships

ONEighty Solutions completely eliminates odors in just 2 hours for most cars and trucks. Completely remove unwanted odors and bacteria from your auto, limo, bus, RV or semi using the latest technology.

Law Enforcement

Crime scene, biohazard, and disaster cleanup services. We will remove all traces from the most terrible events.

Schools and Gyms

Remove the bacteria and viruses in the air and on the surfaces of your school or gym. Don't wait for a highly contagious virus outbreak to strike! We use innovative technology to eradicate bacteria and viruses.

Foul odors and mold affect your bottom line

Eco-Friendly. Safe for your business.

The #1 environmentally safe odor elimination system.

Our biodegradable solutions are 100% environmentally safe!

By attacking odors at their source instead of masking or covering, we permentantly remove all traces of odor.

Our Advanced Technology Eliminates:

  • Fire & Smoke Odor
  • Mold, Must, Mildew
  • Food Odors
  • Airborn Contaminates
  • Surface Bacteria and Viruses

Proven Safe and Effective For:

  • Home and Auto
  • Hospitals and Medical Equipment
  • Schools and Gyms
  • Hotels and Appartments
  • And many more!

Don't let mold and odor affect the health of your business

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Leading the Industry in Nano Technology!

Leading the Industry in Nano Technology!

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