Our Mold and Odor Elimination Process!

ONEighty Solutions are the mold and odor elimination experts!  We employ the best people and use state-of-the-art technology as the basis of our mold and odor elimination process.  All ONEighty Solutions employees are highly trained and dedicated experts who are focused on eliminating all health risks from the air and surfaces in your home or business.  We also train our staff in the use of the patented BioSweep and Surface Defense processes.  Doing anything else would simply not allow us to guarantee the indoor air you breathe is safe and free of any potential health risks.

What is BioSweep?

BioSweep is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly nano-technology that scrubs bacteria, viruses, mold and other contaminates from the air.  It does not use chemicals, doesn’t mask odors, and is 100% safe for humans and animals.  Using the patented BioSweep process allows us to make certain any issues with the air in your home or business are fully eliminated, and not just covered up.

What is Surface Defense?

What BioSweep does for the air, Surface Defense does for all the surfaces in your home or business.  Through the use of the Surface Defense process, our team of dedicated mold and odor removal professionals can treat, not only the air, but also remove all of the surface contaminates as well, providing a safe, sanitary, and allergen free environment for you and your family.

Fast, Safe and Eco-Friendly Mold and Odor Elimination:

Using either one of these processes without the other only does half the job.  As the leading mold and odor elimination experts, we never settle for doing half the job.  We make sure all mold and odor threats in your home or business are 100% eliminated.

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