Benefits of Hiring Professional Odor Removal Services

Robert Averette

When foul odors are too stinky to endure, there are plenty of solutions you may want to try, from covering patches of smelly stains with rugs to squeezing lemon juice over the affected areas. However, there are many reasons why you should only turn to professional odor removal when bad smell has your nose in a twist. Professionals can use natural, safe, and clean solutions to solve your home’s or business’ odor problems. So whether you have a moldy scent from water damage or a fishy smell in your kitchen, these are the top 5 benefits of calling a pro to take care of the problem.


First of all, professionals can get rid of obnoxious odors. You spend most of your time indoors, so you should not have to endure the terrible feeling of smelling something rank and terrible. How can you work, sleep, or relax when you are plagued with the sensation that something gross or dangerous is nearby you? Invasive odors can deter guests in your home or customers and clients in your business. If you own a commercial property, bad smells can even lower your productivity. Hire a professional odor removal company to make terrible smells go away. With their help, you can move on with your life—and so can those who have had to enter your property.

Second, professional odor removal can make your property safe again. Your nose signals to your brain when something smells unappealing for a reason: usually it means that the substance you smell is in some way dangerous. For example, fecal matter and mold smell terrible because these substances can make you extremely ill if you come in contact with them. Rotten food is toxic to the body and certain chemical odors can actually damage your brain if you inhale them for too long. Paint thinner and gasoline odors, for example, are harmful when smelled. Because there is no way to avoid smells in the air beyond wearing a protective mask at all times, an odor removal professional will be needed to make your air safe to breathe again.

Third, professionals are more skilled at removing odors. Some may speculate that the obvious solution to odor problems is a quick DIY fix. However, DIY solutions are ineffective against tough odors. While you may have heard that baking soda can be applied to acidic substances to neutralize them and calm bad odors—vinegar does the same for basic substances—the effectiveness of these DIY fixes relies on you knowing the chemical makeup of the stain. Adding vinegar to a urine stain, for example, will only make the acidity worse! Also, store-bought products that supposedly cover up odors are temporary and do not get rid of the source of the problem the way a professional’s touch could.

Fourth, you should consider the safety benefits of relying on professionals. DIY odor removal treatments can be destructive to your property and the environment as a whole. Some of them can even make you sick. Why would you ruin your foundation by applying harsh chemicals to an animal carcass scent on your patio? Why would you flush environmentally unfriendly products down your drain to cleanse the smell of plumbing disasters? Why would you use bleach to remove mold when the scent of bleach is just as harmful to your brain as the scent of mold, if not more so? If you hire a professional, you can count on effective odor removal without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Fifth and finally, professional odor removal is fast and convenient. Relying on professional odor removal means that you do not have to do the work of scrubbing, cleaning, and applying treatments yourself. You can relax, work, go about your business, and rely on a quick professional treatment. In a short amount of time, you can experience the benefits of professional odor removal, including fresh and breathable air, all at a competitive price.
ONEighty Solutions is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to eliminate powerful or even dangerous odors in homes and businesses—everything from moldy odors to the lingering scent of cigarette smoke. Our team relies on all-natural solutions that are free of harsh, damaging, or environmentally dangerous chemicals. Unlike other experts, we will not dump severe chemicals on your property, and yet our services will effectively eliminate odors that have made work or home life difficult for you. With how concentrated indoor air is, you should only count on professional services when you need help eliminating odors from your building.
Founded by Robert Averette, ONEighty Solutions is Atlanta’s most reliable, all-natural, and convenient odor eliminating professional services. If you contact us today, you’ll have fresh, safe, and clean-smelling air in mere hours, all for a very affordable price. Contact us to experience all of the above benefits of professionally cleaned and refreshed indoor air.

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